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Modern Plastics India

Modern Plastics India Is India’s #1 Monthly Magazine For The Plastics Industry Since February 2000.Thanks to our advertisers, subscribers, partners and readers who made us No#1.

Modern Plastics India is 14 years old publication which keeps the readers and customers updating about the products and services. Modern Plastics India is Asia’s first plastics magazine to be on I-pad, I-phone, Android & Windows based devices which can be read free of cost by just registering on our website Modern Plastics India enjoys a strong presence not only in India but also in SAARC Countries. It carries high profile reports gathered by our efficient editorial team, replete with details, development and trends on domestic as well as international markets.

Modern Plastics India is a premier plastic magazine that will allow you to make a noise about service you offer and the products that you deal in, about 38, 600 copies of the monthly will ensure you to get maximum exposure and get noticed by all the right people.  Our internet edition is read / downloaded / forwarded by more than 182,000 people across the world.

 Plastics Planet (

Plastics Planet International Is a Monthly Update for the Global Plastics Professionals Since September 2004 with a circulation of 43,000 copies all over the world.

Plastics Planet International is a highly appreciated magazine by the readers. The demand for the magazine clearly states that what are the reader’s interest and how Plastics Planet has nicely executed the legacy. Plastics Planet will be celebrating its 9th Anniversary during K 2013, World’s number 1 trade fair for Plastics & Rubber Industry.  About 43,000 copies of the monthly ensure the news and reports carried by us are loved by our readers. From October 2013 this will be a monthly magazine for the global plastics professionals.

The huge demand in market for Plastics Planet International has been taken very seriously by the publishers and we have upgraded the bi-monthly magazine to monthly from September 2014. An Internet edition has been launched which is additional benefit for the customers as well as readers worldwide. Plastics Planet magazine is available on I-pad, I-phone, Android & Windows based devices which can be read at free of cost by simply logging and registering once. Our internet edition is read / downloaded / forwarded by more than 139,000 people across the world.

Packaging Planet

Packaging Planet magazine was launched in the year 2012 with the aim of becoming a leading magazine for the packaging industry. Packaging planet has been published by Emerald Groupe. Packaging Planet keeps updating the professionals across all industries informed about the business of packaging. The Monthly issues Covers topics on machinery, technology application features, new products, and materials updates.

It also covers special reports on topics such as label packaging, sustainability, and designs. The monthly magazine provides all the information related to packaging in a distinguished way. By covering the right topic since inception Packaging Planet emerged with the circulation of about 21,600 copies all over the world. Our internet edition is read / downloaded / forwarded by more than 107,100 people across the world.


Injection Moulding World

Injection Moulding World Magazine Is Dedicated To Plastic Processing World Since September 2001 with a circulation of 14,200 copies all over the world.

Injection Moulding World is more focused towards injection moulders, mould makers and product designers, It covers the topic related to moulding machines, ancillaries, tooling, software, polymers, additives and many more. It also covers the latest injection moulding machinery, materials handling equipment, robots and mould technology as well as innovations in engineering and commodity plastics. Our internet edition is read / downloaded / forwarded by more than 37,000 people across the world.

Modern Extrusion World
Modern Extrusion World magazine was launched in the year 2012 keeping in mind about exploring the happenings in the plastic industry. Within a span of two years it has gained a lot in terms of subscription as well as advertisement. Modern Extrusion World has been subscribed by major leading institutes, library and associations.

The magazine has received tremendous response from his readers this helped in building our circulation of 13,700 copies all over the world.Modern Extrusion World interestingly covers the topic related to polymers, additives, Screws & barrels, films, sheets, pipe and profile along with technical articles. It also covers the latest Innovations and current happenings in the industry. Our internet edition is read / downloaded / forwarded by more than 41,400 people across the world.

Plastics 3D Expo
PLASTICS 3D EXPO developed a new concept in exhibitions with low cost and a 3D world totally interactive. Our online 3d exhibition is connected to major search engines. PLASTICS 3D EXPO is a virtual 3D with virtual spaces and full of information, to show your products and services with a complete interaction with visitors.

The 365 Days International Exhibition will showcase the entire spectrum of products, latest trends, technologies, equipments and services in its chosen sectors. The exhibition shall promote and disseminate information on the latest development in the field of technology, relating to the Plastic, Packaging, Printing, Mold Making and Tooling Industry.

“PLASTICS 3D EXPO”, will give a platform for potential buyer’s worldwide. This exhibition is first of its kind, which will enable the exhibitors to interact with the most serious buyers and sellers online. “PLASTICS 3D EXPO” gives opportunities for getting all the valid information regarding the industries at one go.